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Our Services

Our Services

Turkey Residency Services

We are a qualified and experienced immigration firm which is a member of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. We specialize in individual, corporate and business immigration to Turkey, especially in Turkish Residency Permit and Turkish Nationality.


Residency Permit

If you are planning to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days within a 180-day period, for any reason, including tourism, you must get a Turkish residence permit. Turkish government strongly urges foreign ccitizens not to overstay their visas and to maintain valid residence permits at all times. Turkish authorities do enforce the laws, including those stipulating fines, deportation, and bans on future travel to Turkey for people who overstay their visas or do not maintain valid residency permits.

As Turesta.com, we will support you to get your residency permit by ensuring that we provide you the right immigration consultancy for your situation with one of our expert solicitors, plan and prepare the right documents for you, escort you to government buildings including the Police Center with our experienced advisors and also translate everything for you with government officials when needed all for the fixed fee of 695 USD. Please note that 95 USD of this charge is fully refundable, if you have previosly booked a consultation service with one of our solicitors or consultants.


Turkish Citizenship

Turkish nationality law is based primarily on the principle of jus sanguinis. Children who are born to a Turkish mother or a Turkish father (in or out of marriage) are Turkish citizens from birth. The intention to renounce Turkish citizenship (or acquire citizenship from another state) is submitted in Turkey by a petition to the highest administrative official in the concerned persons place of residence, and when overseas to the Turkish consulate. Documents processed by these authorities are forwarded to the Ministry of Interior for appropriate action.

This could be a very bureacrutic, ardous and hard to manage process especially for foreign nationals as the whole process is managed in Turkish.

We as turesta.com can help you throughout the way, managing all aspects of the process on behalf of you, from A to Z.


Immigration Consultancy

Do you need realistic and useful advice on your particular circumstances? If you need Turkey immigration help, then you have come to the right place.

Our highly trained advisors and team of solicitors have experience in all areas of Turkey immigration, from simple applications to more complex cases. We have the expertise and knowledge to give you realistic and useful advice about your situation. We charge a fixed fee of 95 USD for a consultation with one of our expert advisers. This consultation can be carried out in person, over the telephone or even by email – whatever suits you best. After your consultation, you may decide that you want to proceed with Turkish Residency Permit or Turkish Nationality application. If so, you can instruct us to prepare the application for you, and we will deduct the £95 consultation fee from our application fee.

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We offer expertise with finding several different furniture packages to match any customer’s discerning taste and budget. we will personalize your new home to include housewares, electronics , appliance and accessoriesneeded to complete your active lifestyle. Every package is delivered with care and followed up with the utmostprofessionalism. We are able to provide an unmatched level of customer service. We value our customers and therapport we build with each one

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Property Management

Our property management department was set up to offer a reliable, comprehensive and honest service for property owners from maintenance to rentals. Our policy is to always give the very best to our customers and never compromise on quality.

We understand that every owner uses their property differently, some will come for odd weekends and let family and friends use it for their holidays, others might never visit at all and will want to rent it on a regular basis! Whatever your preferences we will make sure that our tailor made management service suits your needs and fits with your way of life. Whether you own a small apartment or a large, luxury villa, we are here to help you gain maximum satisfaction, benefit and enjoyment from your overseas property investment.